TextQuest - Software



The following projects are still in progress or were finished recently:


  • readability analysis of package inserts. More than 100 of these were analysed using readability formula for German, a special index was created, and also special words (medical pharmaceutical) were counted
  • content analysis of personal advertisments. This project has the goal to find out value changes from 1950-2005 in Germany using personal advertisments. More than 22,000 advertisments are analysed, the text corpus is about 7 MB in size.
  • readability analysis of party programs for the last General Election in Germany 2009. The 19 party programs were downloaded from the web sites of the parties, and analysed using different applications from TextQuest like TTR-homogeneity, statistical patterns like sentence and word length, and readability formulas also. All these measures were used to compute a general index for readability.