TextQuest - Software


Vocabulary Analysis

The analysis of the vocabulary of a text can be done with the following modules:

  • word list: a list of all character strings abd their frequency in a text, sorted ascending by alphabet.
  • word sequence list: similar to a word list, but instead of single words the results is a list of sequences of character strings, e.g. United States or European Union or a phrase like it rains cats and dogs
  • word permutation list: each character string within a text unit is combined as a 2-word-sequence with each following character string.
  • vocabulary growth (TTR-dynamics): The result is the developement of the TTR-values (type-token ratio). This value always starts with 1 (each character string occurs once in the text) and decreases towards 0, but without reaching it. The comparison of TTR-values only makes sense if the number of words/character strings is (nearly) the same.


Menu of word list:


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Menu of vocabulary growth: