TextQuest - Software


TextQuest 4.2

- available for MS-Windows and Apple Mac OS-X

- analyses texts in Latin-1 or UTF-8 encoding

- more powerful word suquences

- lexical density (Ure)

- many new readability formulas for English and Italian, and Tuldava's language independent formulas


General information

What is TextQuest?

TextQuest is program for the analysis of texts. It offers a varity of analyses, from a  simple word list up to a content analysis or readability analysis targeting different languages, audiences, and text genres.

The menus use common defaults, so clicking the OK-button starts the analyis. A line counter in the left lower corner shows the progress of the selected analysis.

The results are stored in files, these can be made visible in the results menu. The files are plain text files that can be easily processed with other software. A log file contains all information what analysis was performed at which date and time on which data (excluding sort tasks). The current log data are appended to the log file.

A free test version can be found in the menu "TextQuest" -> Download. The manual is included as a PDF-file. The test version has a limit of 100 text units, you can test it with your own data or with the provided sample texts.

If you do not want to buy TextQuest, we can do all analyses including the preparation of the texts for you. Just ask for a quote.

What users say

"It is still fun to work with your really useful program!"

Dr. Jürgen Höder, Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein, Institut für Sozialmedizin, Lübeck, Germany

"Thanks so much! That'd be great. And of course I mention TextQuest in every article in which I use it, and I always put the website in too. I've attached two published pieces in which I've done this, and I expect two more will be coming out this year."

Kevin Coe
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Communication
University of Arizona, Tucson, USA


TextQuest on conferences

DGS conference in Göttingen/Germany, September 2018