TextQuest - Software


TextQuest - current version

TextQuest 4.2 has new features:

  • word sequence lists: the length of a word sequence was redefined. Until version 4.1 the length could be specified (x), the word sequences consisted of exactly x words.
    In the new version this value means, that all word sequences up to this value are generated, e.g. 4 means that the word list, and all word sequences with 2 words, 3 words, and 4 words are generated. The new word sequence lists make it easier to construct a category system because all word sequences are in one file instead of loading different files for each length into the category manager.
  • new layout of statistics for vocabularies
  • Ure's lexical density

Extension of the readability analyses with new readability formulas

  • Tuldava's language independent formulas based on characters, words, and syllables - 4 implementations
  • for Italian: readability formulas by GULP and by Vacca
  • McElroys Fog count
  • Strain-Index and the Direct Dale-Chall-Grade formula by Solomon
  • for English: all recalculations by Powers, Sumner und Kearl for Flesch's REI, Dale-Chall, FJP (Farr, Jenkins, Paterson) and FOG, all recalculations by Kincaid, Fishburne, Rogers, Chissom for ARI, Fog Count, FJP, Flesch's REI, and Forcast

There are 86 readability formulas implemented now, for different languages, different audiences, and different text genres.