TextQuest - Software


TextQuest licenses

NEW: the type of licenses have changed.

There are several types of licenses available: 

  • test version: this is a version that allows you to evaluate the software. It has restrictions, printing is disabled, and you only process a certain amount of data. There is no time restriction, and you cannot make it a full unlimited time version with a key.
  • time restricted license: single licenses are available as full versions and also as versions either with 6 months or 12 months time restriction for a lower price than the full version. Commercial use is allowed. The time period starts with the first installation. If the license has expired, you cannot use TextQuest anymore.
  • single license: a full version of the software.
  • company license: a full version of the the software that allows the use regardless of the number of computers in one location. If you have more than one location, please call.
  • network/institute license: a full version for a network or a university department. Regardless of the number of computers, this version can be used for teaching and research purposes, and also for commercial uses.
  • campus license: same as network/institute, but for a whole university in one town, regardless of the number of computers. If a university is based in several towns, please call.
  • student license: not available any more, you can obtain a 6 month license for the same price.


Updates require a full version obtained before, the regular price is 50 % of the price of a normal license. However, there are licenses that include updates for one or two years. The number of the minimum number of updates relates to the number of years (1 year at least 1 update). Time restricted licenses cannot be updated or upgraded.