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Additional software

Text Analysis


  • QDA-Miner: a program for (qualitative data analysis), that is fully integrated into SimStat and WordStat. So quantitative and qualitative approaches can be handle in the same environment.
  • TextAnalyst: Text Mining Software from Megaputer. You find more information here.
  • TextGrab: a program that downloads the complete texts of a whole website and writes an output file that can be easily analysed with TextQuest. You find more information here.
  • WordStat: a module for the analysis of texts which is a part of SimStat. WordStat was especialy developed for the analysis of responses of open ended questions. The program is available in English only.




  • ConClus: a program for cluster analysis with constraints, it also contains factor- and scale analysis. Unique are confirmatory cluster analysis, that allow the testing of own data models. ConClus was developed to handle huge amounts of data, you find more information here.
  • PolyAnalyst: a powerful and impressing data mining suite with 16 algorithms and an unbeatable power/price relationship. You find more information here.
  • SimStat: a universal statistical program, comparable with SPSS. You will find more information here. SimStat is available in English, French, Spanish and Dutch.