TextQuest - Software


Test version

A free test version of TextQuest 4.2 (April 2013) is available. The test version is a full version with the following restrictions:

  1. the amount of texts is limited to 100 text units
  2. the printing function is disabled.

The manual is a PDF-file that can be downloaded separately.

You can use the test version with your own data or the provided sample data that are included, so you can test TextQuest whether it suits your needs. 

The installation is easy and self-explaining, the installer will guide you, and within a minute the installation will be completed.

A test version for TextQuest 4.2 for Mac OS-X will be released soon.

  • download the test version of TextQuest 4.2 for MS-Windows here and keep in mind where you store the file.
  • execute the file: choose the start menu, double-click execute and search, after that click on TextQuest42-English-Test-Setup.exe
  • the installation starts, the rest is self-explaining.
  • the TextQuest manual is a PDF-file.

If problems occur, please notify us so that we can help you.