TextQuest - Software


Training courses

Social Science Consulting offers complete workshops. The products will be introduced, the applications will be described and practised. There are individual work shops, contents, material, and exercises are negotiable. You can also select a standard work shop from the following list.


List of standard work shops


  • Analysis of responses of open ended questions with TextQuest or WordStat
  • Analysis of internet sites (text) with TextGrab and TextQuest
  • General introduction into text analytical methods (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Readability analyses with TextQuest
  • Analysis of surveys with SimStat, SPSS or SAS
  • Cluster analyses with ConClus
  • Qualitative text analyses with HyperResearch (from 2003 also with the new WordStat version)



The duration of a work shop is dependent of the knowledge of the participants and be be negotiated. The price for half a day (ca 3 hours) is 300 €, a whole day (ca. 6 hours) 600 €. The costs for travel expenses (train/car, hotel) are not included and have to be paid separately.

Standard workshops can be booked on short notice, special workshops usually take some time to prepare. The workshops take either place at the customer's place or in Osnabrück/Germany. Our seminar room  is equipped with 17 PCs in a network and a projector.  The costs for the rent of these facilities is added to the customer's bill, so a whole day (6 hours) is approx. 800 €.